Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Fall is Here, and I'm Getting Involved

The sun is setting sooner, the leaves are changing, the air is cooler, and the apples are perfect! Fall in New England is here, and I think it is wonderful. (Of course, in a few months when it's -30F with the wind chill, I'm probably going to want to die) But right now I love it!

Anyway, today I tracked down some cardboard and built an extension on the end of my desk, effectivly utilizing formerly unaccessable space. (Unbeknownst to him, Thaddeus old desk, which used an empty weedwhacker box for a support, gave me the idea to use cardboard instead of wood). It doesn't look incredibly flashy, but it doesn't clash, and it gets the job done. When you consider how ugly college furniture is in the first place, its really not that bad. Once again, if I had a digital camera I could take a picture for you, but I don't.

I'm also starting to realize that my schedule is filling up pretty rapidly. I've got to work out time management, but I've done pretty well, I think. I don't remember if I said so or not, but I am the PA (production assistant) in charge of Guests for the Emerson Channel program 'Speechless', and I'm doing some assistant shoots for random events on campus. Also, I should be making some segments for 'Speechless' too.

Yesterday I learned a little bit about the Bolex film camera. This is an ACTUAL FILM CAMERA, and I'm so excited to use one on Friday morning, when I and some other students from the film group "Women in Motion" will take some film shots. Some of the neat things about this camera is that it is windable, and when fully wound, it can run for 18-21 seconds in one shot, limiting your shout lenght, obviously. Also, being film, we will not be recording sound (at least this time) but It's going to be terrific.

Sent in my absentee ballot yesterday, so I'm glad I've got that done and on its way.

I need to get reading on my homework--but have a wonderful evening!

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