Friday, October 22, 2004

I Never Thought Having Classes Cancelled Would Be A Sad Thing

Yeah, so apparently the news is being broadcast around the country. One of Emerson's students, Victoria Snelgrove '06 died when police shot "less-lethal" weapons into the crowd, and she was hit in the eye.

Classes are cancelled today, and counselling is being provided. I did not know her, but I fell bad enjoying my cancelled classes because I know of the great price at which it came.

I think the police have gotten too much power, and were terrified, and made a mistake firing into the crowd. But her death was definately a freak accident. Those bullets shouldn't have killed anyone.

Please say a prayer for her family and friends to be comforted.

And remember, use your head. When you are in a mob, never allow yourself to be caught up in the excitement so much that you lose sight of your own personal safety. I thank God that I chose not to go down there. I know friends who got tear-gassed. You are responsible for your safety, and as soon as you see anything that makes you uncomfortable. Leave. I know you have a right to assemble, but when some in the group are not being peaceful and begin destroying other peoples property, you need to get out of the way and let the police bring them to justice.

That is all.

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John said...

Hey Ezra!
Sorry about what happened the other day. I've been hearing about it in the news as well. What a freak accident and for such a stupid reason! I'm praying that her family and friends will be comforted.