Monday, October 04, 2004

Oh Boy, I Have Alienate More People Again

I'll try to keep this brief. You're absolutely right, my blog is on the internet, and it is public. I realize now that was a mistake, since I no longer control who views the blog. My intent was not to please anyone.

1. I am not perfect, so if you want to find something about me to tear down and pick apart, its not difficult or impressive.
2. If you don't like what I say, you don't have to read. No one forces you to come here.
3. The lines of internet property are still being drawn. With physical land the laws are clear--you can control what people do and say on your property, but internet property is still unclear.
4. This blog is written for me and my friends and family.
5. You're view of how the internet and my blog should be run is just that--your view. Thanks for sharing, and I'll think it over.

I'm still in a lot of turmoil over this. It just pisses me off to no end, and none of the options appeal to me right now.... I don't know what I'll do regarding this blog. But thanks for your opinions.

I am going to move on, however. That's one thing that Thad was right about, I am taking things from these people to seriously. I know they are my enemies, and by responding in the first place, I am encouraging them. That's what flamers do...if I hadn't played their game, they'd have moved on to someone else's blog right now. Thanks for helping me realize that problem.

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Anonymous said...

These people aren't your "enemies". They are simply people who are trying to help you open your mind a bit. And like I've said, you know them. Sometimes the best way to open someone's eyes to the things they do and say is to respond as someone that they don't know. Especially in this case, where you seem to take it more seriously because it's someone anonymous. No one has been trying to tear you down. They have been simply trying to get you to see another side. Sometimes it's easier to confront a friend and tell them what you really think by being anonymous.