Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Reality IS the Best Place For Material

You know, reality IS the best place to find stuff about which to write.

So I went to a meeting of "Young Republicans For America" tonight. I know what you're thinking--Ezra's a Libertarian! Well, that's exactly on why I was there. On their flyer they said "Young Republicans for America is not about petty politics, it's about America. Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, Republican, Green, Libertarian, or Independant, we welcome all points of view."

They basically directly asked me to come by including my party on the flyer. So I went tonight, and because of the Red Sox/Yankees game, only 2 people outside of the four original members came. So the co-founder Christian is wearing a blue shirt with the top button open, the collar up, and a black jacket and slacks. Then, over the top of his shoulders (His arms NOT inside the sleeves) is a black trenchcoat. He says that he is from Brazil, but has lived in numerous other places around the world.

He starts to talk to us and he says "a lot of people ask me why someone who is not eligble to vote in America is so interested in politics." As he does this, one of the other memebers is playing some sort of light violin/classical music on his laptop. Christian continues on, saying "When I came to this country [the music swells] I thought I was coming to the land of the free and the home of the brave. And I came to Emerson College expecting to find intelligent and open-minded people. But I was wrong." And then TURNS HIS BACK TO US AND LEANS ON THE WINDOWSILL, LOOKING OUT OVER THE CITY! "I found that if you expressed your political opinions and they were not in line with the masses, you are ridiculed."

OH MY GOSH. I am sorry, but there is nothing funnier to me than a guy with a trenchcoat draped over his shoulder, giving a speech about american politics with classical music in the background, and gazing out over the city. I cracked up so bad! I couldn't help it. You HAVE to have seen it, because it was so unreal.

Anyway, their organization sounds pretty good because they plan on raising people's respect and awareness of other parties and ideologies. (For those of you who don't know, I live on an Ultra-Liberal Campus, where half the guys are gay, and the ratio of Republicans to Democrats is 1 to 100.)


So anyway, what else has happened today. OH! This morning I got a call at about 8:55 from Nate at Master Control for ECTV. I am supposed to be IN Master Control at 8:45 on tuesdays and thursdays so that I can put in the Good Morning Emerson record tape. Well, because I was late, that meant the by the time I got the tape in, it was already about 2 minutes into the program. That is like a cardinal SIN on television.

Fortunately, everyone seemed pretty cool about it, even though I beat myself up the rest of the day for it.

But fortunatly I have a chance to redeem myself by editing a "package" (a pre-recorded video segment of a show) for GME. Hopefully it will be stellar and I will gain fame and respect! (More respect than fame, I just want my colleauges to know my skillz.)

I've also found myself coming down with Red Sox fever. I tried my hardest to remain ambivilant, but when your whole floor SCREAMS everytime the Sox get a run, you can't ignore it. Besides, I'm a big fan of the underdog, and I want to see this city EXPLODE when/if they win the series. That would be the first series win since 1918! There would be insanity.

So I guess that's all for now, but certainly not all forever.

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John said...

Your story about the Brazilian guy humors me. He sounds like a real character. What was his point in bashing America? If I was there you know we both would have cracked up and had to leave. What really would have been good would be if he had his right hand tucked in his jacket like Napoleon! I could definitely see going around like that.
Go Red Sox!