Saturday, October 16, 2004

I'm Here at ECTV, using their "Sunflower" Mac

My laptop is totally suckin', so I used my exclusive ability to enter the ECTV station and use their computers. So I'm using one of their computers, which happens to be a 'sunflower' iMac. (You know, the one with the attached screen and the combo drive in the half-sphere base)

So I'm listening to the audio blogs of Michael Badnarik, and it's really great to hear how hard this man has been fighting for freedom. I actually got the opportunity to explain to my ENTIRE Concept Development class about Michael Badnarik and David Cobb being arrested and the CPD/ASU case! It was sweet, and I think I may have lit a fire of liberty or two. Yesterday I talked to an 'independant' whose beliefs seemed to parrallel the Libertarian platform, so I directed him to I hope he ended up visiting. Over all, I've been trying set the hearts of the people I meet on fire with liberty, and it seems to be working. It's no wonder the republicrats don't want to debate Michael--people LOVE his ideas.

Anyway, I was thinking of taking the commuter rail down to Wellesley College to see Anna, but her grandparents are up for the weekend and she is showing them around. So that didn't work out.

Speaking of which, Jake Sasseville will be coming to Emerson College on the 23rd, so I'm excited to see that kid, another familiar face.

I apologize for not posting regularly the past few days, but since my computer is messed up, I can't do them on my computer, and I ususally write my blogs after midnight, when the labs are closed. So that's what's been up. Yesterday I helped shoot 'Speechless' again, but once again I hardly did anything. I some times wonder how I am going to deal with being a filmmaker, if I am so easily bored and distracted. It's something that I definately have to learn, because you have to stay where you are assigned and do your job, even if you see some one needs help, or you're not busy, because the people that do those things have to know exactly what's happening and who is doing what. It's hard.

So as I was saying, life is pretty cool--they had fresh melon slices in the dining hall today, because it is open house, so I gorged myself on watermelon, which was SOOOO good.

I miss my friends. A lot of people know me here, but I can't seem to find some one who likes to do stuff with me, like wander around the city on saturdays, or randomly do things with no point. I just miss that a lot. I like college, but it's hard, because it's exhausting and sometimes lonely.

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Anonymous said...

Ezra! You should come see me tomorrow! It's the last showing of As You Like It at 2. You could get on the commuter rail, see the show, and then I could get you a ride back on the Senate bus and you can get off at Harvard Square! ^_^

Really sorry I couldn't talk today... It would have been great if you could have come to campus... Well... Anyway, try calling tomorrow! I can get you in to the show for free if you have time to come. ^_^