Friday, October 01, 2004

Presidental Debate, Video Taping, and Whatever

I didn't watch the presidential debates tonight, for several reasons. One being that I was busy taping, and two, I don't need to hear the scripted ramblings of two men with essentially the same agenda. Besides, John Stewert and the Daily Show showed me the funniest parts anyway, saving me time, and we all know that time is money. This time it was specifically true.

I was video taping this screening of a film called "About Baghdad" and the Q&A which followed. I really had a great time because I was getting paid, watching a movie that I thoroughly enjoyed, and was video taping something. So FINALLY I felt somewhat involved.

I'm also procrastinating on my homework. Not that I'm "behind" but it will take a while to read all the stuff I need to read.

Thanks for the encouragement. I am feeling a little better, but I still need a friend.


Anonymous said...

Where was the your beloved Michael Badnarik? I guess he called in sick, because his scripted answers weren't ready yet, or couldn't memorize them...

Anonymous said...

-From a different person, who knows who the first poster was...

It's funny cause people who you consider friends...well if they post anonymously, you treat them like shit however if they say something you don't like and post their names, it's ok and it's just debate. Sounds like you change depending on the situation just like the people who are running for president do. Hypocrisy!
Besides, I do remember a third party being involved in a presidential debate in the past, but perhaps you are too young to remember it. Ross Perot. So if he could get in to debate with the "big leagues" why can't anyone else these days.
You think you are so much smarter than everyone else and you simply aren't. You are entitled to your opinion but you need to step back and see the flaws that are within yourself.
I've now completely lost faith that you are the person I once thought you were. It's a shame too. You had so much potential.