Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I'm So Depressed and Pissed Off Right Now

Well, I'm sitting in a computer lab on campus, surfing the web and crying inside. Why? Well, there are several reasons. One is that the power supply on my laptop has gone wonkey (messed up) and will not power the laptop properly without being held just right.

But secondly and more importantly, I am depressed because it seems so impossible to win, to stop the duopoly from controlling everthing.

I guess most Americans don't mind, because once the Democrats and Republicans have outlawed third parties, they will merge into the one party, and then we won't even have to vote.

Honestly. The AZLP lost its hearing concerning the CPD. Why? Not because they aren't right, but because the judge was a memeber of the duopoly. I mean, how can we re-establish our rights and freedoms if when all of the judges are republicrats? I don't know, and it gets me really down.

I love liberty, and I know that if Michael Badnarik could get into the debates, he would change the course of American politics, and we'd all be better off. But both Kerry and Bush are cowards. They know that they can't allow Americans to be exposed to the truth, or they would lose the election. And that's one more thing that Kerry and Bush agree on--no third parties, they cause too much thinking.

I went out to Staples to see if I could get some corrugated plastic signboard to make a sign for the freeway, but they had closed, and it just irked me, I can't even do that. I need zip ties, paint, boards, etc. I hate it.

You know what else? We can't get into the debates because we can't get 15% in five independant polls. We can't get 15% because we can't get our message out. In fact, most polling agencies don't even include Michael in their polls! So how are we supposed to get 15% in 5 independent polls?

Do you realize how much money the kind of coverage a debate gives a candidate would cost?

30 second commercials on prime networks during prime-time hours cost around (According to the American Association of Advertising Agencies) $332,000! That means that in order to get 45 minutes (90min debates divided by 2) of national, commercial-free airtime would cost $28,980,000!!!! As of 1998, the Libertarian party had 25,000 due paying members. That means that to raise that much money, each member would have to contribute $1159.20!!! And not every member could afford that, so at the very least, 14,490 members would have to MAX OUT their 2,000 contribution limit. Thats over two-thirds!

So you can see how annoying it is. Those goons get 74.6million dollars in federal money to run their election in the first place, the media covers them ALL THE TIME, and they get 26million dollars worth of air time EACH TIME THEY DEBATE ARGH ARGH ARGH.

I'm crying inside because I know that it will be YEARS before we see major changes. But as Thad said the other day:

"Don't quit something because it's an up hill battle. Often the most rewarding are up hill. If you are scared or too busy or whatever to climb mountains you will never get anywhere...you need to take on what you believe and don't let anything stop you."

Spoken like a true lover of freedom.

I'm not going to give up, I just need to start small. It is very time consuming to fight the system, you know. Especially when they control the media, the money, and the police, and the many americans will not think for themselves.

You wanna know why so many people are still voting for Bush even though he is a total MORON? You wanna know why people are voting for Kerry even though he's not going to end the war or stop the PATRIOT act? It's partly because many of the Bush supporters are stupid sheep, voting under the false pretenses that you must support the government and the president no matter what. It's partly because the Kerry supporters are shortsighted fools who don't realize that more programs equal more spending and more taxes! But more importantly, it's because the Republicans and Democrats have made people think that they are the only choices. (Maybe excluding Ralph Nader, some how HE gets 2.2% of the media coverage in this election) If everyone KNEW they had solid, reasonable alternatives, and people got over the "wasted vote" syndrome, we would see drastic, dynamic change. But no. People will continue to say: "It's to important to vote for a third party this year".

Well boys, so was the 2000 election, so was the 1996 election, so was the 1992 election, and so on. It's a fallicy that is perpetuated by the big two to keep them in power. Show them your disgust. Michael Badnarik is the only truly fiscal conservative candidate. He's the only one who will STOP ENFORCEMENT of the PATRIOT act and pressure congress to repeal it. He's the only one who will get out of foreign entanglements and END the iraqi war. He's the only candidate who flatly opposes government involvement with your personal life--aka supports gays RIGHT to marry.

It all makes me want to sit down and weep. Yes, vote for Kerry, and watch your taxes go up, the death toll rise. Vote for Bush and watch the taxes go up, the deficit increase, the death toll rise, the enemies list lengthen.

Vote for Badnarik, and hear freedom ring.


John said...

Hey Ezra!
It's hard for me to sympathize since I disagree with most of the things you've said (especially when you called me a stupid sheep). I do,however, respect that you care so much about learning politics and standing up for what you believe in. You understand that words without actions aren't going to go very far and you've shown this through money donations and posting this blog among other things. Maybe if more third party proponents understood this they wouldn't be so overlooked. Don't take the elections too seriously! You have your whole life to get pissed off with politics and you don't want to get a stroke now. That wouldn't be fun with your first year of college. *Getting off soap box now* Take care and go with God!

Ezra said...

You're absolutely right. I've changed the wording a little to make the blow a little less harsh, and I've added an insult to the Kerry supporters too. I should have been more fair with my distribution of mud-slinging. Sorry. But honestly John, why not the Libertarian party? You like freedom, don't you?