Friday, October 01, 2004

Ridin' the Rails and other Ills

Since my October T-pass began working today, I hopped on the T and went down to the library to get a library card and return one that I had found on the ground. After that, I got on again, transfered to the Blue line and went out to the end of the line, which is in a place called "Wonderland"--but don't be fooled. It's stupid, there is nothing there. So I got back on the T going inbound, and got off at the Logan Airport Station, and took a shuttle bus into the Delta terminal. While I was there it was an incredible blast from the past, as I used to fly out of Boston pretty frequently while I was living in Maine. I saw the Rube Goldberg Machines that they have in the ticket terminal, and the little playarea on the side. It's too bad you can't go through security without a ticket anymore, because I would've gone in and explored some more. Then I rode some escalators and moving walkways, trying to get good views on the INCREDIBALLY complex systems that they have. Totally amazing to see--I wish I had someone to share the fun with, though.

Lot's happened today, and yet at the same time very little happened. I had to get up at about 8am to return a key to the Emerson Channel, and then I checked my e-mail and showered, and then I went to Concept Development.

That is hardcore my favorite class. When we do Instant Story, I laugh SO HARD. In the story my group wrote, we had references to the movie Phonebooth, the tv show Aqua Teen Hunger Force and something else, we were on a roll. I should type that up and post it for you, but I don't have the written copy.

After class I had lunch and got a call from Elizabeth, the segment producer for "Speechless" wanting to know if I could help her film/edit a segement this week, but I couldn't because this weekend is General Conference. However, they are going to be "using" me in the future for segement production. This all is great news. Then later today, I was e-mailed and offered to job of Production Assitant in charge of Guest/Audience Hospitality, or something fancy like that. I took the job.

I have all this homework that I should be doing, but instead I am writing in this silly blog. The consistant size of my posts is pretty sweet. I spend about an hour a day updating my two blogs (one is for a school assignment), even though very few people read them. Argh. Pirates.

Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers need to make another album. I mean, when they sing christmas songs, my heart melts. AMAZING. ;)


Charles said...

Barely anyone reads them???

Ezra said...

Well, let me think of the people who I know read it:
Charles, Katie, Mom, Grandma, David, TaraBeth, Thad, Felix, Anna, and a couple of times Ryan and Emma, and some anonymous folks... It sounds like a lot more when its listed out I guess.